Goodbye Houston, 2015

As the school year ends and the kids are aching for summer vacation, the Crumhorn Collective has said goodbye to an amazing three weeks in Houston. We reached approximately 8,000 kids during our time in Texas and wow, it was a crazy amount of energy! We felt great about the shows but of course, the best compliments come from the kids themselves:

"Y'all sound great!" (Gotta love the Texas y'all!)

"When the music is played together, it sounds like music!" (Well, you might not think that when we haven't warmed up)

And of course we had some funny questions:

"Are you nice?" (Hmm..not when I have to play crumhorn with no coffee)

"Is there any backstage drama?" (Well now that you mention it...)

We were deeply grateful to have the time to meet so many interesting and creative kids. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ars Lyrica Houston and to Young Audiences. We couldn't have had such a great run with out their help!